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What would you say if I said that your followers on social media do not belong to you? It’s a hard one to swallow, but it’s true. So what happens if that all disappears? Getting hacked, somehow having your account flagged and shut down, or just simply those social media channels going away forever? Ok, ok, the chances of that last one are not something that would exactly happen overnight, but you know what I mean. For your business security, you need to be cultivating an email marketing strategy.

Enter your email list. This is not the time to freak out if you are thinking “Um. I don’t have an email list, Magan.” Or maybe you are thinking, “Ok, so I have an email list, but they haven’t received an email from me in a while.”

I’m going to give you ALL the tips on how to get started with building an email list!

1. Decide on an email service provider

There are tons of free options out there that won’t cost you a thing other than your time. I’m a fan of MailerLite and have also used MailChimp in the past. There are also options such as FloDesk, ConvertKit, and more. Find the one that fits you and your budget best, and get signed up!

2. Decide on a freebie / opt in.

email marketing freebie

How are you going to get folks to sign up for your list? You and I both know that we typically do not just hand over our email without getting something in return. A coupon code? A free template? The sky is the limit as to what you choose. This is an important aspect of email marketing: Give them a taste of what they want so they continue to come back for more!

3. Set up your opt-in welcome email

This is the email that your freebie when people sign up! Make sure it is short and sweet, because they WANT that freebie and might be sitting there refreshing their inbox to get their hands on it – and I will be honest, I never read through all of those when I sign up for things. I grab what I signed up for a move along.

4. Think about your promotion strategy

How are you going to get your freebie in front of people? A sign-up form on your website? A landing page link in your “link in bio” on the ‘gram? Perhaps running some Facebook ads? All of these are ways to get your offer in front of people to entice them to hand over their email address.

5. Next, think about your email sequence.

email marketing sequence

This is a big one if your current email list hasn’t heard from you in a while. You can create an email marketing sequence to start sending to them, to remind them who you are, how they found you, and why they need to keep reading. If it really has been a while, then maybe provide a new offer? This isn’t a must, but it might be a nice “Hey, remember me?!”

If you just read through this and thought, “I have no clue what an email series is!” don’t panic. It’s just like the name suggests: you have a sequence of emails set up to send automatically to your subscribers once they have received the freebie they signed up for. These are great ways to pop in every few days or week to tell them more about you and what you have to offer. Then, when it comes time to have something big to sell like a course launch they will already be warmed up and ready to read through those sales emails!

For more tips on life and business make sure you bookmark Magan Ward and head on over to the blog!

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