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It’s summer! Most schools are officially done for the year and now we are home with our kids with ZERO VIRTUAL HELP FROM OUR TEACHERS…right? Wrong! A lot of schools have provided resources to be used throughout the summer for those little minds, but I made another discovery that I absolutely love already and HAVE to share it!

This one landed in my inbox, and while yes, they reached out and asked me to share it – I couldn’t share it without doing my own homework and seeing what it is all about first. I’m not going to share anything random with you that I feel would not be positive, quality education or trustworthy products for you and your children.

So without further ado, Varsity Tutors! I had never heard of this company before, and what I saw was amazing.

Varsity Tutors was founded by Chuck Cohn who benefited greatly from a private tutor in high school, but struggled to find access to high-quality tutoring for one of his courses at Washington University in St. Louis. A late night idea all those years ago, paired with some serious hustle built what is now a successful tutoring company that combines highly-credentialed experts with an advanced technology platform dedicated to live, personalized instruction.

Their Free Virtual Summer Camps are what immediately drew me in, and are happening ALL summer – they have other really great looking free resources, but these summer camps are really getting me excited! The subjects available, the time slots, all of it has clearly been well thought through!

Friends, we are talking grades K-12 and ALL subjects, with some super fun enrichment subjects as well! Just look at this brief list:

  • Make-your-own-LEGO-Movie
  • Hands-on Home Science Lab
  • CSI: Crack the Case
  • Fun Fairytales
  • Strategic Board Games
  • Creative Writing Café
  • Digital Photography
  • Did You See What I Saw? Mock Trial
  • Jurassic Class: All About Dinosaurs
  • Minecraft…
  • Create Your Own Digital Scrapbook using Adobe InDesign
  • Travel the World with Google Earth

…and SO MANY MORE! Engineering related? You got it. Looking for health related topics? You got it. Brain games? They have that too!

German, French, Spanish, Mandarin Chinese, Latin, Sign Language? You will find them ALL in the Virtual Summer Camps.

Does your child have interest in investigation? Art? Film making? Technology and Computer Science? Then go check these out! You will find the date the next class begins for each camp, and can see what times they are available so you can get it on the calendar!

These are all LIVE sessions so it is a true virtual summer camp! Everything begins gearing up Monday, June 8, 2020 and most camps are Monday – Friday and 1 hour in length, with a few of the classes for older kids lasting up to 3 hours per session and have a variety of start times to accommodate for our busy schedules.

I encourage you to find some that fit the interests of the little minds at your house! I really think they are going to LOVE it!

Though there are links all throughout this post, but here is one more to help you to get there quick!

Varsity Tutors

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Summer Camps for Your Child

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