it all started with a camera?

would you believe...

Hey y'all

photographer     educator    email marketing expert

a creative at heart

photographer, educator, wife, mom, dreamer, and doer

Though I hold my Masters in Education, I have had a career in the insurance industry for a decade and ran a successful photography business for 5+ years.

I want and love to teach everything I know about email list building and business continuity.

When I'm not busy folding laundry or fetching snacks from the pantry for tiny humans, I love helping you prepare your business for both success and the unknowns and unexpected.

but first I'm a mom

If you have followed me for any amount of time, you know that I am married with three small children, and that is what comes first - always.

I want that for you too! I want you to find peace and time given back to you from your business so that you, too, can experience your family and life and not be chained to your desk working and burning the midnight oil.

I mentioned peace - peace of mind - this is what we ALL need in our business. To know that if you step away for any amount of time, things will continue moving forward and scaling so that your family is not without the income your business provides.

hi friend, I'm magan ward

email marketing expert and business continuity strategist

An entrepreneur since I charged $0.25 for a single cracker with spreadable cheese from my lunchbox at the Kindergarten lunch table.

I'm an educator (with a strong southern accent) who knows 150% what the struggle is when creating an email list, and the opt-in, and the welcome sequence, and the millions of other details that we handle while doing all the things as we run this digital biz.

Unlike other educators out there, I hold my Masters in Education so you are getting a real, actual teacher behind these templates, resources, and courses. Not only do I know how to teach, but I have experience with what I am teaching you.

I have spent nearly a decade in the insurance industry and fully understand the importance of risk management. It doesn't just stop with purchasing a business owners insurance policy from the insurance agent down the street. We must have Business Continuity Plans in our businesses to make sure we are fully prepared for the unexpected.

magan's southern sayins

well i'll reckon there's a storm a brewin'

all y'all goin' over yonder?

she's madder than an old wet hen

What in heavens name?

i'm fixin' to...

bless y'all

slower than cold molasses

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