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How to Write a Welcome Sequence: My 5-Step Process

You’ve got your opt-in, and your delivery email written, but what comes next? I’m breaking down my 5-step signature process for writing a welcome sequence!


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Magan Ward

How to Write a Welcome Sequence: My 5-Step Process


April 9, 2021 2:38 am

welcome sequence

You’ve got your opt-in, and your delivery email written, but what comes next? I’m breaking down my 5-step signature process for writing a welcome sequence!

Got your opt-in? Great!

Starting to write your welcome sequence, and not sure what to put in it, or how to start?

No worries, friend! That’s what I’m here for!

I am sharing my signature 5-step process of what to include in your welcome / nurture sequence!

Step One / Email One:

Deliver your promise – this is where you want to make sure they immediately receive what you promised when they handed over that email. Your freebie, opt-in, lead-magnet – whatever you want to call it.

Make this email short and sweet, they are after the freebie.

Step Two / Email Two:

Show up with connection and brand awareness – let them know a little bit about you, that you are thrilled they are on your list, and tell them how you will be showing up in their inbox to serve them.

Step Three / Email Three:

Introduce a problem – Show or share something that is a pain point of your audience and goes hand-in-hand with that opt-in you delivered. Once you have introduced that problem, show up with a quick-win for them. Is it an extra freebie? A blog post? A video tutorial? Provide something of value once more, and show them that you are in their corner and want to help.

Step Four / Email Four:

Train them to act – ask them to respond to you about a problem they might have, invite them to a free training or call. This is warming them up for the final sales email if you indeed want to sell to them through this sequence.

Step Five / Email Five:

Surprise / Setup Expectations / Send Offer – If you are ready to sell to them then this is it. Extend an offer, or maybe attach a time-limited discount to create urgency? Will you invite them to book a call with you? Or if you aren’t wanting to sell to them just yet, then set up the expectations of how often you will show up in their inbox and what value you will continue to provide. Perhaps even give them one more surprise freebie if you are feeling super generous.  

And this is why it all depends on your brand, offers, and how you want to show up. You might not want to give too much free info out, or maybe you don’t want to sell to them right away. 

And heck, maybe your sequence needs 7 emails, or maybe only 4 emails.

I heard once heard a person say their audience goes on a 6-month nurture sequence journey which gave me hives, but whatevs. They do them and I’ll do me. 

This is why my clients come to me for custom sequences that have intention and strategy behind them. You can learn more about that service here.

Because look friend, anyone can write emails, but without the strategy behind them, they aren’t going to get you very far.

So make sure you are writing with intention and your end-goal in mind while showing up and serving your audience in only the way you can.

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