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Branding, brand identity, brand voice…if you have been in the online or creative industry you know these terms or have at least heard them.

What about brand voice? This one was a little more new to me, and when I met Emily Conley of Emily Writes Well I figured out quickly that this was her passion!

So I invited to host her on the blog to teach us all more about brand voice, what it is, and why it is important for your business and brand.

Without further ado, I introduce to you Emily Conley!

brand voice expert Emily

Hey, y’all! Thanks so much to Magan for inviting me to pop by her blog and hang out with you today!

I’m Emily, and I’m a creative copywriter for purpose-driven women and the owner of Emily Writes Well. I live in Nashville with my husband and our hilarious and wild 2-year-old. I do a lot of “done for you” writing: website copy, blogs, and emails, but I also love consulting with business owners to help them identify their unique brand voice and then figure out how to use their it throughout their content. 

Tapping into your distinct brand voice and using that voice consistently is powerful

And today I’m going to give you a quick how-to guide for identifying your brand voice and some tips for consistently using your voice in your social media, website, emails, blogs, and more!

So what is brand voice anyway?

It’s the tone, words, style, ideals, attitude, and vibe your brand communicates.


The way you respond to comments on IG? Brand voice.

The words on your website? Brand voice.

The type of content you share? Brand voice.

The tone of your blogs? Brand voice.

Your brand voice is not your personal voice. The two will be similar, but your brand voice should be deliberately cultivated to connect directly with your ideal clients. This doesn’t mean you should sound just like your ideal client, but it does mean your wording should be attractive to your ideal client.

Some Questions to Get You Started

  • What is the purpose of your business?
  • How are you uniquely suited to serve your clients?
  • What was the worst client experience you’ve had? Think about what specifically went wrong and how you could have done better. What did the client contribute to the experience?
  • What was the best client experience you’ve had? Think about what specifically went well and how you excelled. What did the client contribute to the experience?
  • How would you want a client to describe the experience of working with you?
  • Think about someone you love following on IG. What is it about their posts that you look forward to? How does their content generally make you feel?
  • When a stranger stumbles across your social media presence, what are three words you’d want them to use to describe you?

Now what…?

Look back over your answers. 

What words pop out to you? 

What phrases or descriptions do you see repeated

Write down the most common words you used in your answers. 

find brand voice

Let’s dive into those client experience questions for a second. Use those reflections to help you decide who you want to attract and who you want to avoid

If your brand voice isn’t off-putting to anyone, it’s not going to attract anyone either. Enough with the vanilla (unless it’s a scoop on top of a brownie with some hot fudge). Think about how your wording should attract your dream client, and as a result, repel those non-ideal clients who end up as horror stories.

One of my worst client experiences was with someone expressly trying to become an influencer. At the time, my brand voice was very bland. It was like store brand vanilla, not even that Hagen Daz vanilla bean that at least has some flavor. But after examining that experience, I decided that my persona online was at least not going to be trendybecause I just can’t hang, and those clients aren’t my jam

Thinking about who you don’t want to attract is surprisingly helpful in narrowing down your specific brand voice!

What are 5 words that will not describe your brand voice?

There’s no magic to cultivating your voice. You’ve done some deep diving here, and now you just need to put the pieces together.

Go through the words that resonate the most with you, and the words that describe who you’re not trying to be. Think about the clients you dream of working with—the clients who are a perfect fit for your brand, skills, and personality. Use all of that information to create a unique, identifiable brand voice. 

How to Use Your Voice Consistently

Write it down. Don’t just keep an idea of your brand in your head. Commit it to paper. 3-5 words or phrases that describe your brand voice. And keep that little sticky note or page handy!

Check yourself. Re-read a caption you just wrote. Would you describe that caption with the same words you have written down to describe your brand voice? If not, make some adjustments to help your unique voice shine through.

Practice! The best way to consistently use your brand voice is to practice using it. Let it become a reflex. 

At the end of the day, no one can tell you what your brand voice should be. It’s a highly personal element of your overall business and branding. One word of advice: be authentic. Don’t try to be someone you’re not. Embrace the things you may not love as much about yourself and figure out how to make those things work for you

And if you’re into this whole brand voice thing and want to read more, check out this blog!

brand voice expert Emily

Huge thanks to Emily for stopping by to share all of this amazing info with us! You can find more copywriting tips & tricks from her:

For more tips on life and business make sure you bookmark Magan Ward and head on over to the blog!

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