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So you’re doing the email marketing thing. You’ve got your offer/freebie/lead magnet ready to go, and you’ve emailed your list a few times.

…but how often are you supposed to email your peeps? I got you…

Definitely email them at least once a week. You always want to stay front of mind and keep them remembering you, so that when you are ready to launch a new product or service they aren’t sitting there asking themselves, “I don’t even remember how I got on this list and now they want my money?” Yikes, that is not the place we want to be. 

If you already have your email list going and are thinking that it has been sitting there and hasn’t heard from you in a while, that’s ok.

Start warming them back up now. You can create a new, quick sequence to get back to the front of their mind and remind them why they got on your list in the first place. Chock it full of good, valuable info – you can grab some former content and recycle it so you don’t feel like you are starting from scratch.

Remember, you do not have to create lengthy messages every single time. You also do not have to be selling to them every single time.

You really can just email them to say hi, check in, ask what they are working on and what you can help them with.

Encouraging a response is good! I often respond to emails of lists I am on when prompted because they are wanting to hear from their audience and I can help them understand better what they need to provide to serve us, or just tell them they had a killer email that really hit the point hard and give them kudos!

So do not be discouraged by the thought of emailing once a week! You can do it, friend! Recycle that content, get some campaigns out there, and do the dang thing!

If you are searching for a way to increase your open rates, look no further. I have compiled 365 Email Subject Lines that you can purchase today to help get you moving along in your biz!

For more tips on life, business, and email marketing, make sure you check out the other posts on my blog!

Email Marketing, For Entrepreneurs

Email Marketing, For Entrepreneurs

How Often to Email Your List

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