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Improve Your Instagram Visibility Without a Ton of Followers

The story that you need thousands of followers to find business success on Instagram is just that: A story. You can improve your Instagram visibility and land your clients even without needing a high audience number.


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Magan Ward

Improve Your Instagram Visibility Without a Ton of Followers


May 28, 2020 6:00 am

The story that you need thousands of followers to find business success on Instagram is just that: A story. You can improve your Instagram visibility and land your clients even without needing a high audience number.

I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with the ‘gram. I love it, I truly do, but often I find myself becoming frustrated with the algorithms and my Instagram visibility. Yet at the same time, I know it isn’t all about the numbers and likes – those truly can be vanity numbers.

I discovered Bre Hamilton in a Facebook Group for fellow entrepreneurs, and loved her thoughts on how to grow your visibility and sales on Instagram with a small audience.

Bre is an amazing mama of 3 girls living in farmland in rural southwestern Ontario, Canada. She authentically lives her truth each and every day and helps others do the same, through their business and Instagram. She has been helping female entrepreneurs without a big audience increase their visibility, and ultimately convert that into paid clients!

I have invited her on the blog to talk to us all about showing up on the ‘gram to serve, being authentically you, and staying consistent!

Without further ado, I introduce you to Bre Hamilton!


We all know the “age-old” conundrum of wanting 10,000 followers and a swipe up feature on Instagram. You see others who have it and think it makes them legit, right? I know you do because I’ve been there before and I remember wishing that someone would make it easier for me to grow or be an authority.

Instagram followers

Here’s the truth, sis. There isn’t an easier way, because there’s a better way. And nobody is holding you back from being the expert authority in your field…except for YOU.

But, regardless and all of that aside, you still want to know what you can be doing RIGHT NOW to grow your authority, get Instagram visibility with ideal clients and start making that coveted moolah NOW….with that small audience.

So here’s some hard facts to get you started on your way to being “legit”.

1. Stop focusing on the number

I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again. The number DOES NOT matter. Period. The end. If I have 10,000 followers and only 24 of them are my ideal client, then what is that number doing for me except for making me look (inauthentically) important. Guess what? It doesn’t matter if you LOOK important but aren’t bringing in the dream clients and cash you’re looking for.

Focus on the numbers that matter. Who is actually watching and engaging with your stories? Who is in your DMs? Which accounts are actually commenting on your posts, asking questions and clicking your link in bio? Focus on those numbers, because those are the ones who are likely to convert into actual clients and income.

2. Actually engage with people

Yeah, this seems like a no-brainer. Obvi, if you’re not engaging with people, you won’t make sales. But I swear to you that a lot of my clients (both 1:1 and those I do engagement for) THINK that they’re engaging when they’re actually not. If you aren’t engaging, you aren’t building visibility.

Instagram visibility is what is ACTUALLY going to bring you sales. When I started focusing on engagement and relationship building, the sales started flowing in and before long I had to hire help with my done-for-you services.

So, go over and find those ideal clients. They aren’t just going to magically show up for you (unfortunately). Focus on building a relationship with them through stories, posts, DMs and they won’t be able to forget about you…and pretty soon Instagram will show your stuff to them on the daily and they’ll be right in there dropping into your DMs like it ain’t no thang!

3. Show up to serve

I swear to you that it seems counterintuitive. I know, I know, you’re afraid of “giving too much away.” Listen, stop focusing on that! You pretty much CANNOT give too much away. The people who want to work with you will get WAY more than what you can give away in generic, free content or support in the DMs when they invest and work with you in a paid capacity.

So, answer their questions. Let them know you’re here for this. Make sure you bring them exactly what they need and are asking for. Show up for them and they will trust you so much that they literally can’t think of anyone else they’d rather buy from.

4. Consistency

This is the real hero of the story if we are being honest. If you do all those other things a few times and then just stop, you’ll basically get nowhere fast. You NEED to create consistency in your business, in EVERYTHING you do, because if you don’t they WILL forget about you.

Showing up consistently doesn’t mean you never get a break, sis. In fact, I encourage you to take those breaks. Take them daily, weekly, often. That is going to help you show up powerfully when you are present for work.

BUT…if when you show up you are doing those things over and over…that is when you will see a real ROI of your time. Show up in their stories, in their DMs, in the feed, in YOUR stories with value and they won’t be able to miss the amazing message and support you’re offering in your free AND paid services. Literally, it will become a no-brainer for them!

5. Be authentically YOU

This is my favourite point, because if you’re showing up as someone else, none of the strategy is going to work anyways. You NEED to be aligned and standing in your powerful, authoritative self in whatever ways you are showing up.

  • through your posts
  • in your videos
  • in your conversations

You have GOT to stop just copying what everyone else is doing! Their strategy and their formula has NOTHING at all to do with you. You can’t be a copy of someone else, or you will truly continue to struggle in business. You need to be yourself, be authentic and show up fully and truly you each and every time you are showing up for your audience and your clients.

THAT is where your success truly lies.

You can connect with Bre in the following ways:

Facebook community:

I’d love to hear from you in the comments, did this post on Instagram visibility resonate? Which one did you feel pulled to put into action today?

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