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I have built a successful photography business while working for a decade in the insurance industry. 

I hold my Masters in Education and love to teach. So it is no secret that I would teach from all I have learned along the way.

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Are you preparing to create a new website? On the fence of which site host to use? Considering a swap from your current site host? Insert Showit, and let me tell you why I love it and why I have two accounts with them for my brands.

I discovered Showit in late 2017 and made the leap in 2018 after the birth of my third kiddo. I tried to DIY it at that time, but I was slightly overwhelmed and didn’t have the time to learn the program. Don’t let this deter you! If you have the time you can totally learn using their amazing job aids and videos. I just had a lot on my plate at that time and was super sleep deprived. So I wound up outsourcing because I made the decision to also do a total rebrand – I hired a designer that specifically designs in Showit.

She did an AMAZING job on my photography site and even created videos for me on exactly how to do things on my own once we had completed the full site build and rebrand. At this point, I started to dabble a bit inside of my site and I learned my way around Showit. And it was not hard at all! P.S., My photography site is Mint Magnolia Photography and the designer is Caryssa O’Connell, owner of Franklin and Willow. She also has some amazing Showit templates available if you are a DIY’er. I highly recommend using her if you are seeking a custom site or re-brand – if you reach out, make sure you tell her Magan sent you!

My 2nd Showit Site Build

showit site image

Insert my 2nd brand, the one that led you to this blog post! I did this site 100% on my own inside of Showit! Yep – I DIY’d the whole dang thing and I have to say, I did it in 9 days or less. I’ll be honest, I don’t know how many hours it actually took me. My days were so blurred together from doing it that quickly!

I’m fairly certain the Showit support team knows me by name. Bless them, they were always so kind in helping me when I needed it. They have a chatbox right inside of the design center where you can ask them for help. The team responds super quick, and sometimes with some hilarious .gifs when warranted. They pointed me in the direction of helpful articles that I might have overlooked, and sometimes just spelled out exactly what the issue was and how to fix it.

I am beyond happy to be a Showiteer x2 (that’s what they call us, Showiteers!). Now, I am able to make quick and easy updates to my site within seconds with zero coding.

That’s right, it is a total drag and drop platform and you literally have no limitations.

Seriously, No Limitations

You’ll notice on this home page I have a video when you arrive on www.maganward.com. I thought I could only do that on my desktop version…but I was wrong! If you are on the mobile version you already know I have the video on my site there as well. I told you, literally no limitations. So I got scrappy and figured it out on my own. I was able to create a Vimeo video and embed it into the mobile version to get what I wanted.

Amazing Support

Did I mention their support? Ok, I know I did, but seriously, it is top-notch! They are a magical group of people that treat every single person with kindness and respect. I never felt like I was asking something ridiculous, even if I was. Their actual department title should be the Happiness Team. They made me laugh out loud SO many times over the course of that week with their hilarious yet timely .gif game.  

Go get your Showit site today!

No, Showit is not paying me to write this article. Nor am I an affiliate for Showit…to my knowledge they do not currently have an affiliate program. I am just thrilled to have them as my site host. I know that you will be just as happy, too! Go check them out here, ASAP!

For more tips on life, business, and photography, make sure you bookmark Magan Ward and head on over to the blog!

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Why I Love Showit

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