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Top 5 Things to Outsource

Whether you are just starting out or have been working your business for awhile, we have all experienced the overwhelm that comes with trying to wear 100 different hats. Instead of letting everything rest on your shoulders, consider outsourcing the most time-consuming (or least enjoyable) parts of your operation.


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Magan Ward

Top 5 Things to Outsource


May 5, 2020 8:00 am

Whether you are just starting out or have been working your business for awhile, we have all experienced the overwhelm that comes with trying to wear 100 different hats. Instead of letting everything rest on your shoulders, consider outsourcing the most time-consuming (or least enjoyable) parts of your operation.

My advice for keeping your sanity with your business? Outsource. Whether you are brand new to entrepreneurship or have been around for a hot minute, chances are you want to know what others entrepreneurs are outsourcing in order to get more time back!

So I decided to put together a quick list for you on what I currently outsource as a business owner, and how it has given me time to get back to what I want to be doing! Keep reading to check out some of the top five things to outsource for entrepreneurs.

1. Design

When I re-branded, I knew I needed a new fresh site design to go along with it. But I definitely did not have the time to do it all.

So I did some shopping around to find someone. But I needed a person to not only handle the design of my new logo and brand look, but to fully do my website.

outsource copywriting

It was some of the best money I have spent. I knew that everything was being handled while I was busy chasing kids or working on other aspects of my business.

Design is an area that for an expert takes little time to do. For some of us, it would take hours. Site design isn’t always difficult, but it can be time-consuming. Sometimes an expert eye is exactly what you need to make everything flow and look cohesive!

I also continue to use this designer for designing some of my Facebook ads and launch pages for course launches, landing pages for opt-ins…you get the idea. We have formed a relationship and she knows my brand inside and out. I mean, she IS the one that designed it to begin with!

2. Copywriting

I can already hear you: “I already know what my ideal clients want to hear and I’m decent at writing myself so I’ll just save that money.”

outsource design

Yep. I get it. I was there, too. But guess what? Until I hired a professional copywriter, I had NO idea how much better her words flowed in comparison to mine. She can take what I send her in a voice memo (you know, the one that I record on the commute getting the kids back and forth to school and activities) and whip it into something magical!

Spending money here will not just polish your words, but also SAVE YOU TIME! Isn’t that the entire point of outsourcing?!

3. Pinterest

No, I’m not kidding! I hired a Pinterest Strategist not long ago and she has already SIGNIFICANTLY helped boost traffic to my site. She knows what fonts and colors and pin styles are proven to provide more conversion to get clicks to my site.

outsource tasks

Make sure you hire an expert though; a strategist, not just a Pinterest Manager. Don’t get me wrong. A Pinterest Manager can assist you, but they often offer management as an additional service rather than solely working with Pinterest. If you’re interested in hiring a Pinterest Manager, assess exactly what you need and what outcomes you want before you decide to outsource this.

My strategist’s work is also paired with my Google Analytics. We can watch to see which pins are performing the best and driving the most traffic to my site, then adjust where necessary.

One thing to note with outsourcing Pinterest: Be patient with it. Pinterest takes time to see results. But if you get it going and buckle up for the long-haul, it will drive traffic to your site for free (outside of what you pay to outsource it)! Then, it’s up to your site to convert…which is where I reiterate the effectiveness of my site designer mentioned above!

4. Your Inbox

Hiring a Virtual Assistant (VA) to handle the everyday tasks can really help you get some time back. A VA can handle mundane tasks and weed out the unnecessary time-suckers…such as managing your inbox!

It is easy to get sucked into the inbox for hours, responding to inquiries that might not lead anywhere. But we have to respond because we never know, right?

Having someone to follow up with inquiries for you and get the ball rolling is an essential time-saver we all need in our lives!

I get it though, this one is not easy to let go of.

5. Accounting

Because…duh, bruh. A lot of us are creators, not numbers people. Don’t get upset if you are; you go on and do you – work your financial magic, more power to ya friend. If you’re a creative AND a numbers whiz, you can go to the bottom of this post now, but the rest of us aren’t that amazing.

outsource tips

Outsourcing your bookkeeping and accounting duties will take such a strain off of you. Having an expert that knows the ins and outs of all things financial will help immensely! They can also assist you with other aspects of the business outside of just filing your taxes.

As a creative, I book my photo sessions using HoneyBook and have a quick way to find all my details so I don’t have to keep up with every single thing from the year. Same for print orders… but if you don’t have these things in order then you can definitely benefit from an accountant helping you put a system in place to stay organized.

So there you have it, my top 5 things that I (and many other entrepreneurs) outsource. As a the sole photographer behind Mint Magnolia Photography, I also outsource my editing most of the time – another HUGE time saver for my business.

If this post was helpful, I think you’ll love to see all of my favorite tools I use as an entrepreneur to keep me organized and on track. You can download my free list of favorite tools here!

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