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How to Create an eBook

eBooks are no longer limited to authors and writing fanatics. As a business owner, you can create an eBook based on your expertise and generate income (with content you’ve already created!). Check out how I wrote 4 eBooks in just a few days!


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Magan Ward

How to Create an eBook


July 7, 2020 6:00 am

eBooks are no longer limited to authors and writing fanatics. As a business owner, you can create an eBook based on your expertise and generate income (with content you’ve already created!). Check out how I wrote 4 eBooks in just a few days!

If you follow along with me, you already have heard that in early June I created 4 eBooks within a couple of days. Yes, I know how wild that sounds, but it’s true. And no, I didn’t stay up for 48 hours. So let me tell you how I did it using what I already had available, and how you can create an eBook, too!

How did I find the content?

I have been writing blogs consistently for a little over a year now. That means there is a lot of content out there being consumed, but it’s definitely not doing much else besides hanging out. Insert – the idea of an eBook.

I literally took all of my blogs, categorized them, and then bundled them up nicely to create a single eBook. In my case, I had four categories so I instantly had the full content of four eBooks!

Each ebook ranged from 6 – 10 chapters, which means each blog made its very own chapter.

Yes, I did have to tweak some posts to alter the intro and ending for flow, but the meat of the blog was where the goodness for the chapter could be found.

I had educational topics such as “Shooting & Editing for Photographers” and “Preparing to Shoot a Wedding.” I even had an eBook for brides on what to know when planning a wedding.

use content for eBook

If you already have blogs, make sure you go take a look at your categories. Then, break them down further into specific topics! Do you already have tons of recipes? Then consider making an eBook just for crockpot recipes, or oven casseroles, or freezer meals.

What about education for entrepreneurs? Look at your categories and see how you can niche down blogs you’ve already posted. Bundle them up into a nice little package like an eBook and sell them.

Why would people buy what is already free?

Well, this is done all the time. Yes, they can search through your site and read the contents of the book already for free. But people value their time! It is SO much more appealing to have it in one pretty little package and pay $2.99 – $9.99 just for the sheer convenience.

Heck, I have known people to write entire books, not just eBooks, from their already free blog content. Yes, I am serious. 

So how did I format the eBook?

I copy and pasted my posts into a Word document. I used headers and footers for my Chapter introduction and page numbers. Then I created a title page, cover page, and bing-bang-boom it was done.

I also popped into Canva and used images I already had to create a quick cover. Then I placed that image as the first page of my eBook!

Once you get it exactly like you want in Word, convert that puppy to a PDF and you are done!

*Tip: To convert to a PDF it is sometimes as easy as saving to your desktop and changing the file type. If you have this option on your computer, you can also go to the print option and “print to PDF” which will prompt you to also save this to your desktop.

Where can I get the cool graphics?

Want it to look like a book, but don’t know how to use a program like Photoshop or InDesign? No worries! I discovered this amazing little site where you take the image you created as your cover (I designed my covers in Canva) and pop them onto a ready-made mock-up that will keep you looking as professional as you are!

MediaModifier for eBook mock-ups

Insert MediaModifier. I found this site after a little Google Searching and you can literally pay $15 for a 24 hour pass to do what you need to do. This is what I opted to do because I didn’t think I would need to create much more for a few months and didn’t want to pay a monthly fee continuously for something I didn’t plan to often use.

You are going to LOVE this site, because there are SO many ready-to-go mockups. They have books, laptops, iPads, iPhones, computer screens, and so much more. It is so incredibly easy: you just upload that book cover image and it is done. From there you can download these into various file formats and call it a day!

Be mindful that if you do not pay for it, you will only be able to download watermarked images. That $15 / day pass is perfect! 

Where to sell an eBook?

In my case, I already had a Shopify Lite site set up for other digital products. I was able to create a new product and upload the digital PDF version to be an automatic download at the time of purchase.

I also placed them on Amazon, but that requires more than just the PDF. Don’t worry, it isn’t hard at all, but you will have specific additional instructions on how to do this so that it will be properly formatted for Kindle devices.

You can likely check out other avenues for selling such as Etsy and other eCommerce sites that don’t have a lot of overhead if you don’t already have an online store available. 

How to put it on Amazon

You will need to download the Kindle Create software to your computer. You can get it here!

When you start the process of moving your Word doc over to Kindle Create, you need to use the specific instructions on Amazon’s site. This will ensure everything formats nice and smooth to the Kindle Create program. Otherwise, you will have a hot dang mess and stress out. No need for all that! If you follow these specific instructions on that original Word document, you will be all set. I promise!

You can find the instructions here. It is very pertinent that you follow these exactly to prepare the document to go into Kindle Create.

Amazon will now guide you through the process of getting your new eBook loaded in, a price set, and on its way to selling! It is fairly painless and straightforward so you should not run into much trouble at this point.

Go create your eBook!

I hope this has been inspiring for you and given you the information that you need to quickly create an eBook for your audience using content you already have! I wish you nothing but the best, my friends!

For more good reads on business, parenting, and lifestyle, head on over to the blog!

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