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Preparing to be a Guest on a Podcast

Podcasts are all the rage, and we can access them basically anywhere. But it’s a lot different behind the microphone. Reach all about my own experiences with my FIRST podcast interview to avoid some of my shortcomings and follow my successes!


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Magan Ward

Preparing to be a Guest on a Podcast


July 14, 2020 6:00 am

guest podcast interview

Podcasts are all the rage, and we can access them basically anywhere. But it’s a lot different behind the microphone. Reach all about my own experiences with my FIRST podcast interview to avoid some of my shortcomings and follow my successes!

A few weeks ago I was invited to be a guest on a podcast – insert ALL the nerves!

I know, I know…there are somewhere around a gazillion podcasts and it isn’t uncommon to be invited on one. But this was my first time, and the host found me on Pinterest of all places! More on that part later…

The Podcast Invite

I was beyond excited when I received the email from the host of the show. Then instantly terrified, and following that I immediately went into imposter syndrome mode. Why me? I have nothing important to say. I am nowhere near as qualified as others to speak on this topic. Who do I think I am?

I had to tell myself multiple times, “Stop, just stop with this nonsense and WRITE HER BACK.” Within 10 minutes I responded, “I would love to!”

The Scheduling and Preparation

The podcast host was so kind, and she told me the exact topic and a guideline of questions so I could have answers prepared in my mind and not caught completely off guard. This seems to be common in the podcasting world…but I’m new here so I’m giving the absolute basics.

We scheduled the interview via Skype. I had just ordered a good microphone from Amazon (I needed it already for recording my courses), so I was ready to go! I tested out the sound with a friend over Skype a few days before to make sure there were no snags…once we did some trouble-shooting I was ready to go!

In the days leading up to the show, I went through the questions and jotted down some notes for my answers in case I became super nervous during the recording and went blank.

Recording Day

podcast interview tips

The actual recording was a breeze. We chatted for a few minutes before she started recording, and then we got the show on the road! It truly was like a conversation with a friend!

I purposely scheduled this on a day that the kids would not be at home so I could have a quiet home. I also locked the dog out of the room just in case she started barking at a poor passerby.

How to Prepare for Your First Podcast Interview

Just do it! That’s the biggest step. If you turn down an opportunity, you will always wonder “what if.” Ultimately, you will be so proud of yourself for stepping outside of your comfort zone. Not to mention it will also get you in front of an audience that might otherwise never have heard of you.

I also recommend a good podcast microphone with a pop filter. The pop filter will help your sound with background noise reduction as well as the popping sounds that come from letters like “p.” This can be annoying and distracting. A good microphone, even without a pop filter, will help the sound quality. Sometimes talking directly through your computer’s built-in microphone isn’t the best quality; you don’t want listeners to stop listening simply due to poor sound quality. 

Prepare your answers in the way that fits your brand, your personality, and what your ideal audience wants to hear. You want to wow the listeners and convert them into your followers and future customers! Practice your answers so you don’t stumble over your words. You want to feel and sound confident on recording day!

My Podcast Interview

Are you curious about where to find this interview? Most of you already know that my first business is photography, and it was a photography podcast that I was invited on. We specifically chatted about how to get into wedding photography for beginner and intermediate photographers. It just aired a few days ago, so check it out at The Stay Focused Podcast, episode 70

For more tips on life, business, and photography, make sure you check out the other posts on my blog!

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