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Using Pinterest for Your Business

You know Pinterest is a big asset to your business, but you just don’t know where to start. We’ve got you covered! Guest blogger Sue Crites – Pinterest expert – is here to drop her top tips for using Pinterest for your business.


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Magan Ward

Using Pinterest for Your Business


May 21, 2020 6:00 am

You know Pinterest is a big asset to your business, but you just don’t know where to start. We’ve got you covered! Guest blogger Sue Crites – Pinterest expert – is here to drop her top tips for using Pinterest for your business.

If you’ve been around for even a moment in online entrepreneurship then you have heard a little bit of the buzz surrounding Pinterest for your business and how you can leverage it to boost traffic to your website. And y’all, it’s ALL true!

I wanted you to know much more about this, so I asked an expert in the field to tell you all the deets. Sue Crites, a Pinterest Strategist, knows all the ins and outs of Pinterest. I can’t wait for you to learn more from her!

Without further ado, I introduce you to Sue Crites!

Sue Crites Pinterest guru

Hey everyone!

A big thank you to Magan for inviting me over to chat about Pinterest with you! I’m Sue Crites and I own With Sue Crites, a Pinterest marketing and account management business.  

Pinterest can be a misunderstood platform and so many avoid it. Others are eager to be on it but don’t know how to use it properly and get frustrated because they aren’t getting results. I hope this post sheds some light on things for you so you can approach Pinterest with a little more knowledge and zest!  

Let’s dive in!

How to use Pinterest for your business goes well beyond keywords, pins, and boards. As a Pinterest manager, I work with my clients on each of these points to maximize our efforts and create successful accounts with the desired results. Whether you’ve been on Pinterest a while or are just getting started, these are things you can put into place that will set you up for greater success on Pinterest and make your time and effort worthwhile.  

Use the platform how it’s designed to be used

Pinterest is a search engine that functions like Google but with visual search results instead of text. It’s a tool that provides answers for people as they dream, plan, and do. It’s designed to send the user away from the platform to the URL attached to the pin which means it’s a traffic driver versus a place to engage with people and build relationships. Since they’re not the same type of platform, Pinterest and social media can’t be approached the same way. (To learn more about how Pinterest functions, read my blog post.)

Decide on your goal for Pinterest and create a plan to reach that goal

Just like any task, you need to know the end goal. As you approach Pinterest, you need to decide what you want to accomplish. Since Pinterest is designed to send the user away from the platform, you have multiple options. Pins can go to any URL. The pin can send users to a blog post, a service page, a product page, or an opt-in.

focus on your Pinterest plan

You might say, “I want people to go to my website.” If the URLs you’re choosing go to your website, that’s where they’ll head. But you want them to do more than land on your website. The intent of your website is to learn more about you, what you offer and ultimately book you for your services.

How will you help them do that? What will make them stick around? How will you be able to keep in touch with them after they leave your website?

Once you know your goal, help your ideal client take the actions you want them to. Guide them through the process. Point out where they need to go and make it easy for them.

Use Pinterest to showcase your work – not others’

Pinterest wants fresh content. They want to provide users with new things so they keep coming back and they depend on business accounts to do that. That means your account needs to be filled with your content, not others’.

While you do want to share other content, the goal is 80-90% your content and the rest is other content.

You want people to fill their boards with your work.  

Create a business board on your account

On your business account, you need to have a business board dedicated completely to your work. Every single pin you put on Pinterest that is your content will go on this board. Those pins will also go to other relevant boards, but instead of people going from board to board, you’re making it easy for them to view all of your work and get loads of inspiration and information in one smooth scroll.

Focus on the basics

To create a strong foundation and help Pinterest share your content, there are three basics to focus on with your account: Keywords, fresh content, and consistency.

Since Pinterest is a visual search engine and works with SEO, keywords are essential. You use them to build your account, describe each of your pins, and use them on your website to provide the continuity Pinterest is looking for. (For how to find and use Pinterest keywords, you can read my blog post.)

As I mentioned above, Pinterest likes to provide fresh content, and a lot of it, to its users. Focusing on fresh content for your account will help you rank better because Pinterest is looking for new things to show its users.

Pinning consistently is the third basic practice and this is one that you can’t take lightly. Daily pinning (ideally 10-25 pins per day) is a key to success. You can’t pin 50 pins one day and not pin for another week or two. Pinterest can read that as spammy behavior, which is definitely something to avoid. Using a scheduler will keep you from being tied to your Pinterest account and helps you pin at the optimal times your ideal client is on Pinterest. I strongly recommend Tailwind to schedule your content for the ease of use, their customer service, and especially because Pinterest has given them a thumbs up.

Be patient but persistent

Pinterest is a long term marketing strategy which means progress doesn’t happen overnight. When you’re a few months in and you feel like you aren’t where you thought you’d be, please don’t be discouraged. It takes a good 6 months to a year to really see the growth but it’s worth it! Stay consistent and show up for your ideal client. Your work is worth sharing. Get it out there and let clients see it, save it, and click on it.

When all parts of your business marketing are set up to work together they each perform better. To help you get the most out of Pinterest, remember to: 

  • Utilize the platform as it’s meant to be used
  • Have a goal for what you want to accomplish
  • Create a plan to reach that goal
  • Showcase your work on your account
  • Have a business board for all of your work
  • Focus on the basics of keywords, fresh content, and pinning consistently

I hope this was helpful. Education is the starting point for Pinterest because it’s a platform unlike any other. Knowing how to use it, how to approach it, and understanding that you’re in it for the long haul helps you map out how using Pinterest fits into your overall marketing plan.  

I love to see business owners succeed on Pinterest. It’s why I do what I do, so another big thanks to Magan for having me to shed a little light on this platform.

Wow, wow, wow! Such amazing info! I hope this helps you get started with utilizing Pinterest in your business ASAP! To find more about Sue, check out her site and socials:

For more tips on life and business make sure you bookmark Magan Ward and head on over to the blog!

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