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HoneyBook: Why I Love this CRM

If your business is growing, you’ll eventually get to a point where you NEED a customer relationship manager (CRM) system to keep your important documents all in one place. My personal favorite? Honeybook! Read about the amazing features and capabilities this CRM has and how you can score 50% off your membership!


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Magan Ward

HoneyBook: Why I Love this CRM


July 21, 2020 6:00 am

Honebook CRM tool

If your business is growing, you’ll eventually get to a point where you NEED a customer relationship manager (CRM) system to keep your important documents all in one place. My personal favorite? Honeybook! Read about the amazing features and capabilities this CRM has and how you can score 50% off your membership!

Many of you know that I came into the world of entrepreneurship as a photographer. When I first got started I was a hot mess. I had my desktop full of various things and I was actually snail mailing (yes, seriously) contracts to be signed and receiving paper checks in the mail for payment. Nothing about the process was streamlined. That was until I discovered customer relations management (CRM) programs like HoneyBook, and my life was changed.

I used a 50% coupon to get started with this platform that first year and it has been an amazing investment – you too can get 50% off your first year here.

But why do I enjoy it so much, and what all is inside?! You can read the full blog, which I totally invite you to do, but you can also view my latest YouTube Video that walks you through a lot of the features as well!

Contact Forms

To start with, I have created forms for clients to submit directly from my site or a landing page. These forms instantly put all of their information into HoneyBook for me and create a project!

These forms are customizable to obtain all the information you want/need. The forms can also be branded to fit with your business! Your colors, logos, fonts, you name it!

I embed these forms directly onto my website pages with ease and can swap them out at any time that I deem necessary or have made changes.

Honeybook = Template City!

Once those inquiries come in, I can easily grab my initial email back to the client, pop their name into greeting, and send it to them to get the ball rolling. I can also send it directly from my phone if I am out and about!

Usually, on one of the first emails of my process, I also attach a brochure of my current packages and pricing. I have these already designed and ready to go inside of HoneyBook‘s page and can attach them to the email to the client. From that brochure, they can select the package they want. I instantly have a proposal to send over to them, along with the contract and initial invoice or payment plan. 

honeybook is mobile-friendly

Literally everything is right there in one place. I have everything set up so it is basically one-click and keep moving.

Clients (and I) can sign contracts inside of HoneyBook. Clients can pay inside of it. I can also email them directly from my account and they can email me inside of HoneyBook, too. It is nothing short of a total streamline of my entire client booking process.


They have recently rolled out a scheduling feature that is golden! 

Want to create a calendar that shows your availability to hop on calls, or schedule in person meetings with clients? Create your own schedule and share it with your clients so they can pick a time that fits best with their schedule too! 


Yep, if you are taking payments then they can help you keep up with what you have been paid so far in a week, month, year…and what is still owed and when.

You can also track your expenses here to help keep it in one place. It has been a lifesaver for me. AND you can connect your account to Quickbooks as well! How is that for streamlining your process in HoneyBook?!

Time Tracker

Want to monitor how much time you are really spending on certain projects? They have a tool for that too!

You can add time entries that you input what you are working on, the number of hours, and the hourly rate. This can also help if you have billable hours (think like attorneys) that you need to reflect in detail for the client.

The time tracker can also help you see where you might find some other places to improve your own processes and increase productivity. 

Run Reports in Honeybook

Want to be able to run reports and see your success rates, bookings, projects, files sent, proposals sent, invoices sent, payments collected, and payments due? (Whew that was a lot of commas) There’s a report for all of it!

Gift Cards

Honeybook home screen

Want to create digital gift cards? This feature just rolled out within the last few months and I am a super fan!!! I was having to create actual paper gift certificates prior to this. The rollout of the new gift card feature allows me to quickly create one and accept payment immediately. Then, of course, it will always be there so I don’t lose track of who has a gift card and if it has been used!

You can place a gift card for a dollar amount or a particular service. Think spa services!

Create Tasks

Want a nice place to keep tasks going? As a photographer, I can make a list of what I need to get done like follow up with clients on wardrobe selections, or send off images to be edited, or complete gallery uploads by a certain date. 

This is nice to keep myself organized and then I can check them off as I complete the tasks. I love being able to check off lists, it makes me feel more productive, so this was a fun one for me!

What to Know Going In

You should prepare a time to sit down and get things set up. On the front end it can (and will) take some time. But you will get every bit of it back, and more, on the back end.

The HoneyBook Concierge services will help you set up ONE thing in the beginning. Decide what it is you would like for them to do for you to save some time. Is it to add in your pricing? Or maybe your email template you already have ready? If you don’t have any email templates, no worries! They have plenty already stored inside that you can utilize and tweak to make your own.

*Psssst – If you are a photographer, I have a set of email templates for free that you are welcome to go grab!

Honeybook is Not Just for Photographers

HoneyBook is not just for photographers. Any service-based business can use it. For example:

  • Florists
  • Event Venues
  • Artists working on commissioned projects
  • Brand and website designers
  • Copywriters
  • Coaches/Mentors
  • …and more

If you are convinced now that you need to go try out HoneyBook, here is a code to get 50% off your entire first year! You are going to LOVE it!

…and don’t forget to go grab this YouTube Video that walks you through all of this!

For more tips on life, business, and photography, make sure you check out the other posts on my blog!

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