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Ugh, unsubscribes.

There was a time I would dread seeing those, especially in the beginning days of building my email list.

But now? I don’t even look at them. I realize that it is part of the biz. We are going to lose folks from time to time and it’s not big deal.

As a matter of fact, they are doing me a favor. That is one less email that might not be opened, instantly increasing my open rates.

Think of unsubscribes as a self-cleaning with no effort on your part! 

Ok, so here are three reasons that unsubscribes are actually a good thing!

Reason 1: Unsubscribes can boost your open rates!

They may have been unengaged anyway, which means they probably weren’t even opening your emails. If you are early in the game then this one might be hard to hear, but trust me when I tell you that your open rate is much more important than a few unsubscribers!

Without those people dragging down the rate you will see a much higher percentage of your emails being opened!

Reason 2: Unsubscribes can improve the quality of your list!

Look, they probably weren’t an ideal client anyway, right? Those unsubscribes are less likely to convert into paying customers so they are just taking up space on your list, not opening your emails (probably) and messing up your analytics.

With these folks being cleaned off of your list, it helps get you a higher quality list and more positive results!

Reason 3: You can learn about potential issues with your email strategy

Maybe you were sending too many emails.

Or maybe you were sending emails that weren’t full of the content/education they had hoped to receive from you.

If you see an influx of unsubscribes, you can look to audit your sequences and strategies to see where you might be falling short and how to improve!

So, bye girl, bye to those unsubscribes! And just let it go, like Elsa tells us! 

Oh, and if you’re launching something be ready to see a more than normal amount of unsubscribes – it happens to ALL of us. 

There are ways to avoid unsubscribes and creating a list that loves you. One of those ways is having a killer welcome sequence, and you can learn all about what to put in your welcome sequence here!

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Why Unsubscribes are a Good Thing

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