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Health and Wellness Mindset

With the added stress from all that’s happening in the world, I (like many) am struggling to maintain a balance of healthy living. To refocus myself, I’ve asked Wellbeing and Emotional Intelligence Coach Ami Rankin to share her thoughts and tips!


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Magan Ward

Health and Wellness Mindset


June 4, 2020 6:00 am

With the added stress from all that’s happening in the world, I (like many) am struggling to maintain a balance of healthy living. To refocus myself, I’ve asked Wellbeing and Emotional Intelligence Coach Ami Rankin to share her thoughts and tips!

Anyone else been on the struggle bus with your health and wellness routines since the COVID Crisis began? I sure have. Trying to work from home with the kids running around AND trying to home school them? It’s been ROUGH and I allowed my own personal wellness to start going right down the drain.

So I decided to reach out to Ami Rankin for tips.
And, just for you, I asked her to write a guest post for you as well!

Ami is a Wellbeing and Emotional Intelligence Coach based in Sydney, Australia (you will SERIOUSLY love her accent!) She is qualified in NLP, CBT and ACT and is passionate about helping women realize and live their full potential…to get their sparkle back!

I am so excited to introduce you to Ami…


Physical health and routines – they can be easy to overlook! Let’s talk about why they are so important for your mental wellbeing.

movement and wellness

First, I would like to start off with a question. What’s the first thing you think of when you hear the words physical health? For a lot of us, the idea of physical health instantly brings to mind three things. Exercise, judgement of self whether you do or don’t go to the gym (pre-COVID) and thoughts of how you do or don’t move your body. And yes, movement is part of physical health, but it is really only one aspect of an overarching area of your life.

As a Wellbeing Coach, when discussing the area of physical health with my clients, I do ask about movement and exercise, but also about nutrition and sleep. These really are the 3 pillars of health. What I want to know is how you feel about these areas, not just what your perspective or thoughts are of them. 

Certain things will come to mind when you are considering these areas. It’s a good idea to grab a notebook or journal and write out some paragraphs or dot points. You can really visualise how you are feeling with each right now. Imagine you are taking a snapshot of movement, nutrition, and sleep in your life right now. How do you feel? What would you score yourself between 1 to 10 with 1 being ‘I feel terrible’ and 10 being ‘I am absolutely killing it in this area’? 

Let’s take it a level deeper. There are other areas of health that come in to play which affect your lifestyle. I want you to also consider your Social and Environmental Wellbeing. 

Social Wellbeing

With your social wellbeing – think about the 5 people you are closest with. How do you feel when you are spending time with them? (Physically or otherwise). Are they people you have in your life that move you towards feeling uplifted, supported and valued? Do you get those warm fuzzy feelings when you are around them? Or, do you see that there is some room for growth in one or some of these relationships?

Environmental Wellbeing

environmental wellness

In your environmental wellbeing, you’re looking at how environment plays a factor in your behaviours and how you feel. The people, places and things that you surround yourself with. Studies show that if a non-smoker spends time with a group of people that smokes regularly they are more likely to take up smoking themselves, purely because this is the environment they are surrounding themselves with. Your environmental wellbeing relates to things like routines, finances, social activities, your workspace and hobbies or out of work activities. What behaviours are you regularly surrounding yourself with or taking part in? Are these all in line with the lifestyle you want to be living? Are they moving you towards the way you want to feel?

One of the best ways to begin to create change in your life is to bring awareness. You can’t change something if you aren’t aware of it.  Reflecting on all of the different aspects – movement, nutrition, sleep, social and environmental, what stands out to you?

Choose the top things that you feel are going to make the biggest difference to your lifestyle and the way that you feel. What can you act on within the next 24 hours to improve your wellness?


Learn more about Ami and contact her via her website Or, follow @ami_rankin on Instagram for more health and wellness tips!

For more tips on life and business make sure you bookmark Magan Ward and head on over to the blog!

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