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How to Start Your Welcome Sequence

Ready to start writing you email welcome sequence? These are my secrets for getting started!


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An entrepreneur since the ripe old age of 5 when I would sell a single cracker with spreadable cheese from my lunch box for $0.25.

I grew my own email list by 78% in less than one month using my signature Pop-Up Podcast™ System, and grew my clients' email lists over 400% in 12 months, organically.

My mission is to help other entrepreneurs find the power in their email list growth!

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Magan Ward

How to Start Your Welcome Sequence


April 9, 2021 3:18 am

email subject lines that convert

Ready to start writing you email welcome sequence? These are my secrets for getting started!

Ready to get started with your welcome sequence?

Write with the ending in mind.

We’ve heard it a million times.

For me it goes all the way back to learning to write a 5-point paragraph in elementary school that carried me all through college. I even remember sitting for the Praxis exams (for non-teachers, this is the exams that we have to take and pass for teaching certification) and utilizing that exact same method for each essay question.

I always started with mapping out how I wanted it to end, knowing what I wanted to reader to walk away knowing and from that point I mapped out my intro and 3 main points. 

The same goes for your welcome sequence!

How to begin your welcome sequence:

Start with the end in mind.

What are you leading them to? What is your end-goal? Is it a high-ticket offer? Booking a call? 

Whatever it is, each email from the moment their opt-in is delivered should be moving them toward that end goal.

So the next question you need to ask yourself is, what do they need to know from you that positions them to want to buy from you?

Once you have the answers to these questions, then you are going to want to know how many emails you need in your welcome/nurture sequence and what the heck to put in them – and you are in luck because I have a blog all about that, that you can find here.

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