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I'm Magan!

Wife, mama, and educator obsessed with chick-fil-a mac & cheese and dry shampoo.

An entrepreneur since the ripe old age of 5 when I would sell a single cracker with spreadable cheese from my lunch box for $0.25. 

I have built a successful photography business while working for a decade in the insurance industry. 

I hold my Masters in Education and love to teach. So it is no secret that I would teach from all I have learned along the way.

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I almost MOVED!

I wish I could tell you it was to the beach, but alas…’twas not.

At the time of this blog, it is early 2021 and I literally packed all the digital bags and moved them to a newer, shinier home. 

Over here, I talk a big game when it comes to email marketing, and I finally decided to make the move from MailerLite to something more robust that I thought my business needed, ConvertKit!

But here’s the thing. The grass wasn’t as greener as I thought it would be – shout out to a business friend who put on her coaching hat for a moment in the Instagram DMs and told me exactly what I needed to hear.

So after the headache of migrating to ConvertKit, I discovered it wasn’t what I needed, or at least it wasn’t what I needed in this moment.

What I actually needed was a different perspective and to realize that in this season in life that it is ok to continue to bloom where I am planted. 

That might not be the case for you – you might truly need to migrate your email marketing provider and if so, then I’m here to tell you that while it might be scary, it is very much doable.

It also provides us with an amazing time to audit our email marketing! You might discover that you don’t really need 2,392 forms (exaggeration, I know), and migrating also allows us to clean up those automations. And boy, oh boy, did mine need to be cleaned up!

So here’s the tea on what you need to do first when you start the migration process:

Make a list. Put pen to paper and jot down which forms you want to move, you may discover some are old and you aren’t even using them anymore!

Do the same for your automations, which do you want to keep, and which do you want to sunset or 86 (raise your hand if you’ve ever used those terms in old restaurant jobs or Corporate America?)

After this, start creating the forms you want to keep inside the new marketing provider and do the same for the automation and attach what you need to the forms you just created! (this goes for landing pages too!)

The next step is to get busy replacing the current forms on your site (and landing page links) with the new ones you just created!

This will make sure that new subscribers are going into the new provider from that moment forward!

Allow those subscribers still in automation in the old provider to hang out there and complete those automations before you just move them over to the new one, you don’t want to cause confusion with anyone that has just signed up for an opt-in with the old provider to start getting really odd and out-of-context emails from you! Depending on how long those old automations are, it might take a hot minute.

If you are thinking about moving and not quite sure yet, feel free to contact me directly and chat! I love receiving emails and DMs from you and helping you navigate this very vast digital entrepreneurship world!

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Migrating Your Email List

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