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Dreading sitting down to write your next email campaign? Not sure what the heck to write?

Searching for a way to increase your open rates? Or looking for more creative subject lines to boost engagement?

Look no further. This comprehensive list of email subject lines is exactly what you have been looking for!

From prepping for your upcoming launch, or just wanting to spark the curiosity of your audience, this abundant guide will provide exactly what you need to increase those email open rates!

Create urgency, ask them questions, speak direct to your audience, teach something, or simply put a fun pop-culture reference in! 

Unless you are Kate Spade or Gap, you may not be emailing your list every single day, but the beauty of 365 Email Subject Lines is that you will have over 7 years worth of subject lines if you send weekly (which btw, is recommended to build that like, know, trust factor)

Up your subject line game today!

let's increase your open rates!

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Spark Curiosity

They key to having your audience open your emails is to spark their curiosity. With this list of email subject lines you will do just that.

humanize it

Show them that you get them. You are human too. We all have awful days, and we all have celebrations, and we all work from our couch while watching Netflix from time-to-time - be genuine and make them want to read what it is you have to share.

pique their interest

This is the goal right? You want to pique their interest and get them to open those email and increase your open rates!

create urgency

Give them a reason to click and open your email quickly. Is a sale only on for the day? Or is there a coupon code with a time limit to be used? Maybe your beta course only has room for 5 spots...create that urgency in your email subject line with this list of goodies.

ask your audience questions

Ask them questions that they want to a) answer b) know the answer to or c) open and read to find out why you are asking. Sometimes a simple "re: how are you really?" will do the trick.

teach them something

Likely they are on your list because you have knowledge about something that they desire, so give them what they are there for. Perhaps a simple name of a blog post will do.

prep for launches

Prepping for your upcoming launch? I've got you. Backed by years of  studying launches, marketing, & copywriting and the science of conversion.

black friday / cyber monday

If you missed the boat last Black Friday, worry no more with this comprehensive list of email subject lines to begin planning for next year and watch those sales skyrocket!

Christmas in july

A sale in the middle of the heatwave we call July? Um, yes please. You see department stores doing this often, so you can too! This group of email subject lines will help you boost some sales to beat the heat!

speak direct to your audience

Just speaking direct to your audience through your subject line can often be the trick to get those open rates up and encourage click throughs and response. 

fun pop-culture references

This one might be my favorite and I may have enlisted the help of friends to come up with some of their faves, which might be some of yours too. They might just be your entertainment for the afternoon, or a fun quiz to remember where they came from. At minimum, these will get your mind going to come up with your very own email subject lines to increase those open rates!

time to clean up your list

Sometimes we have to go through and scrub our email lists to clean it up and gain more open rates and engagement. Here is a quick list to help you get some campaigns out there and see who wants to continue being on your list - as well as getting rid of those hard bounces.

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