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If you’ve been around a minute or two, then you know when it comes to email marketing, I always advise starting with the end in mind. By knowing what your end goal is (whether pitching a course or inviting to book a discovery call), you know the journey you want to take your subscribers on. Then, you can work your way backward to determine the best opt-ins or lead magnets to offer customers to get them on your email list.

But what type of opt-in do you want to create? The sky is truly the limit, and to keep things interesting, know that building your email list doesn’t have to only be through a “freebie.”

I know, I know. This is coming from the girl who has an arsenal of free lead magnets. But the thing is, I offer both paid and free opt-ins to get on my email list.

There is more than one way to skin a cat (even living in the south my entire life, I really hate that saying, but here we are) and that means there is also more than one way to build your email list.

Free opt-ins/lead magnets are the most well-known and most popular, but it doesn’t have to simply be a PDF checklist download (though these are always a solid idea, so don’t discount them!).

Here are a few additional opt-in ideas that you can implement in your email marketing strategy to build that list!

Newsletter Signups

An opt-in can be as simple as a pop-up on your blog or site asking if they want to receive your weekly newsletters – they may not receive something “tangible” instantly, but they do receive the promise that they will receive your weekly or monthly newsletter in their inbox. This may be the easiest option because you aren’t creating something additional.

Quizzes as Opt-Ins

Quizzes are incredibly popular, and they’re also one of my favorite opt-ins right now. Some of you may have gotten on my email list through this quiz that I offer. There are several sites that offer opt-in quiz-builders and integrate with many email marketing providers.

quiz opt-ins

Coupon Code or Free Shipping

Are you an online store or brick and mortar? A percentage off first purchase or free shipping are always great, simple ideas to build that email list. I’m always a sucker for free shipping! 

Tripwires and Self-Liquidating Offers

Other ideas include tripwires and self-liquidating offers.

Self-liquidating offers (SLOs) are ideal for attracting higher-quality leads. These are people who feel your product is valuable enough to get off the couch, grab their credit card and purchase from you – meaning they come to your list as a warm subscriber.

Tripwires are perfect if you don’t want to write-off the free opt-in. When someone signs up for your free opt-in, they are redirected to a thank you page that has a low-cost offer available with a limited time to purchase. These are perfect for offsetting that ad spend if you are running ads to your freebie. 

Host a Challenge

If you are feeling exceptionally motivated, a free challenge is another fun way to build your list! Could your challenge be for launching a blog for beginner bloggers? Could it be launching a website in a few days? Or a challenge to kickstart your Facebook ad strategy?

Challenges are a good way for people to have a low-barrier entry. They get a feel for your content and teaching style while building community. 

Pop-Up Podcast

Many of you might be familiar with this concept from my own pop-up podcast event in May 2021. It was a big hit, and I highly recommend doing something similar to get a nice influx of new friends on your email list!

You can have it be 3 to 4 bite-sized episodes that teach on a particular topic. Pair it with a workbook, or just simply have the episodes available for a limited time. Create a Facebook Group for listeners to chat with you about the episodes!

podcast opt-ins

Get Creative with Your Opt-Ins!

Remember that the sky is the limit to creating opt-ins for building your email list! Get creative with your opt-ins. But remember: Provide something that will be the perfect lead into the journey you will take them on toward your end goal.

Email Marketing, For Entrepreneurs

Email Marketing, For Entrepreneurs

Different Types of Opt-Ins

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