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As a teenager and college student, I worked at a restaurant in my hometown that was seriously the nicest place to eat in at least a good 50 mile radius. I bet if you polled everyone in that tiny town of Troy, Tennessee, they would whole-heartedly agree, proving I am not biased in that opinion.

I learned a lot by working there – not just how angry the hungry public can be, but also how to expand my palette! They had some amazing dishes that I have yet to find anywhere else – hello Pecan Chicken with raspberry sauce (if you’re from back home, you remember very well!).

But the staple there (which I have quickly learned after feedback on my stories) is not something you can find north of Kentucky nor west of the Mississippi River: Strawberry Butter. It is capitalized because it deserves to be. It’s that good. And it’s pretty, too.

Without further ado, let’s dig in!

What you will need:

unsalted butter for strawberry butter recipe

Whipped, unsalted butter

Here is what I bought. It must be whipped, not stick butter. Stick butter has too much fat in it and it will look like something has died at the end of your finished product…trust me, and learn from my mistakes.

Powdered Sugar

powdered sugar for strawberry butter recipe

No way to mess this one up.

Just powdered sugar.


strawberries for strawberry butter recipe

You will want to puree these.

I cut them up a bit and pop them into my NutriBullet and it does the trick.

Strawberry Gelatin

Yep, the stuff for Jello!

That’s it! I’ll make a more formal list below, but sometimes you just need the context.


  • Whipped, unsalted butter (tub of 8oz)
  • Powdered Sugar (it calls for ½ cup, but I recommend more like ¾ cup for good measure, haha – get it?)
  • Strawberries, pureed – literally liquified is going to get you what you want here (5-8 strawberries, depends on how big they are, ya know?)
  • Strawberry Gelatin – 1 box

Directions for Strawberry Butter:

1. Take your whipped, unsalted butter (from the tub, we already talked about this, no stick butter allowed) and put it in your blender or blend it with your hand mixer. This is where my Kitchen Aid Mixer comes in handy, to let it work while I go do other things. Literally beat it until it has no color. Yes I know, it already looked like it didn’t have any color to begin with, make it pale. Really pale. Like white girl in the dead of winter kind of pale. To get to this level of pale, it has to sit there being whipped in my Kitchen Aid Mixer for a good while. We’re in the south, I’m sorry I can’t give you exact times – it’s just not what we do.

2. While that is whipping, you can cut up your strawberries and pop them into whatever you are going to puree them in. I sure do love my NutriBullet, it is just the least messy thing and gets me to those liquefied strawberries in about 7 seconds. Oh wait, I told you I wasn’t going to speak in time…ok, so then it gets to those liquefied strawberries lickety-split (if you are an Ozarks fan, no, this isn’t a reference. If you don’t get that then just move along.)

3. Now you are going to slowly pour in your powdered sugar, pureed strawberries, and strawberry gelatin into your mixer. We’re going to let this slowly mix together for a good bit until it looks like this. –>

4. Store it! I just spoon my strawberry butter into the small mason jars and pop them in the fridge.

And that’s that. Put that yummy-goodness-that-almost-makes-you-say-bad-words-because-it-tastes-so-good onto a biscuit, a Sister Schubert roll, toast, or a croissant, and enjoy! Don’t blame me when you gain a few pounds, I didn’t make you eat the strawberry butter, I just told ya how to make it.

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Delicious Strawberry Butter Recipe

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