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Episode 13: Unexpected Ways to Grow Your Email List

Is your simple PDF failing to convert? You need a fresh new lead magnet. These 5 creative ideas can help you build your email list.


I'm Magan!

An entrepreneur since the ripe old age of 5 when I would sell a single cracker with spreadable cheese from my lunch box for $0.25.

I grew my own email list by 78% in less than one month using my signature Pop-Up Podcast™ System, and grew my clients' email lists over 400% in 12 months, organically.

My mission is to help other entrepreneurs find the power in their email list growth!

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How to Grow Your Email List Organically


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Magan Ward

Episode 13: Unexpected Ways to Grow Your Email List


August 8, 2023 12:00 am

Magan sitting and smiling at the camera | unexpected ways to grow your email list | Magan Ward

Is your simple PDF failing to convert? You need a fresh new lead magnet. These 5 creative ideas can help you build your email list.

You want to build your email list because you know it’ll help you grow your business.

And you know an amazing lead magnet will help you attract subscribers and collect leads.

There’s just one problem: You don’t know what lead magnet to create.

You want something special, something attention-grabbing. Something that’s NOT your typical PDF!

(Nothing wrong with PDFs, of course, but you just wanna create something unique that your audience will love.)

I just had a conversation with my friend Dolly Delong on HER podcast, The Systems & Workflow Magic Podcast, about this very topic. 

Fun ways to build your email list:

We threw around some fun ideas for lead magnets that will help you grow your email list. It was such a great discussion that I knew I wanted to share it with you here, too! Listen to the episode (Apple Podcasts or Spotify) for a deeper dive into each one (or read the transcript of the episode on Dolly’s blog here). 

  • Quizzes
  • Live Workshops
  • Pop-Up Podcasts
  • Bundles
  • Challenges or Boot Camps
  • Recorded Workshop Repurposing
  • Custom Audio Clips
  • Private Podcast Feeds
  • Strategic List-Building Growth
  • Leveraging Collaborations

I know PDFs seem like a fast and simple solution because they’re easy to create and they still convert, but don’t sell yourself short. There are so many other options for lead magnets. 

Creative lead magnets like these are fun, personalized, and special because they’re so different than that traditional PDF. And they’re great ways to grow your email list organically.

The Bundle Intensive

Now, if you really liked the idea of creating a bundle for your business, I have some really exciting news.

Dolly and I are hosting a group program called The Bundle Intensive later this month, where we’ll teach you how to create and promote your very own bundle!

You’ll learn everything you need to build a bundle that grows your email list, including organizing a bundle, launching it, promoting it through your emails, and much more.

You can hop on the waitlist for The Bundle Intensive now here

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