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Where to House Your Opt-Ins

Still waiting to launch your opt-ins? If you’re struggling with where (and how) to share your lead magnet with your email subscribers, be sure to read through a few quick and easy options in today’s blog post!


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Magan Ward

Where to House Your Opt-Ins


August 12, 2021 8:00 am

where to put your opt-in

Still waiting to launch your opt-ins? If you’re struggling with where (and how) to share your lead magnet with your email subscribers, be sure to read through a few quick and easy options in today’s blog post!

Today, I’m coming back at you with more information on your opt-ins for your email list. If you’ve heard it once, chances are you’ve heard it a million times. An email list is a must-have for businesses, especially online businesses.

We own our email list, unlike followers on social media that could go away at any time.

And if you’ve been around a minute or two in this online space, then you know about lead magnets and opt-ins.

A top-notch opt-in is a primary method to grow a list of email subscribers that a) want to hear from you and b) want to learn what you have to teach. The ideal opt-in provides subscribers with a quick, solid win that they can implement as soon as they receive it.

If you know what your opt-in will be, the next question is, “Where will I put this opt-in/lead magnet so others can access it?”

If you’re still a little lost on what to create for your opt-in, be sure to check out this blog on different types of opt-ins.

(AND if you need help creating a professionally designed opt-in, you can grab my opt-in templates for Canva here.)

Let’s get back to this blog and figure out where your opt-in is going to live. Chances are, your options are much easier than you think.

Check Your Email Service Provider

Some email service providers allow you to upload your document directly into their platform, which instantly creates a download link. You will want to check and see what types of documents they can/will house. Most will accept PDF versions.

Google Docs For the Opt-Ins Win

Have a Google Drive account? If your opt-in is a Google Doc, Google Sheet, or a PDF uploaded to Google Drive, you can set permissions so anyone with a link can access the document! They will be allowed to download or make a copy of the product to save into their own Google Drive account.

housing opt-ins on Google Drive

To activate all-access, start by clicking the blue “Share” button in the top right corner of the document.

Click the settings icon on the top right corner of the pop-up and select how you want people to have access, edit, view, etc…

Now toward the bottom of this pop-up box, click “change” to select who can have access. Select “Anyone with the link.” 

This will create a link for you that you can now take and use in your delivery email for your subscribers.

WordPress Media

If you have a WordPress blog or site, then you can upload documents into the WordPress Media section. When you do this, the document gets its own unique link. This is a quick, simple way to utilize what you may already have with fewer steps. 

Put that link into the delivery email that your subscribers will receive once they opt-in.

Opt-ins in Dropbox

Have a Dropbox account? This is another easy way to house your opt-in. You’ll have a universal link that can be shared in your delivery email to your new subscribers.

It is also a very simple process: 

  • Click the blue “Share” button
  • Choose “Anyone with the link can view this folder” – and voila! 

No matter which method you use to house your opt-in, just know that you are well on your way to building an email list for your business!

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