need to up your email game?

You know you need copy and strategy

but you are stuck on what content to put in your email sequences and campaigns

but not sure where to start?

welcome friend

and you WANT to show up for your audience and serve them well

i can help!

"I am so impressed with my welcome sequence! It sounds like me. It's personable, approachable (which I like to think that I am) but it is also persuasive and moves people to action."

kari r.

... moves people to action.

OBM, Business Strategist

my welcome sequence

" I knew I needed some ideas to pad out a few of my content buckets, and now my buckets are OVERFLOWING with ideas! My brain is spinning with blog posts and emails and social media posts, oh my! If only I could type as fast as Magan turned these ideas around!"

alexandra b.

Productivity Coach

my buckets are OVERFLOWING

"I can't tell you how much time I've spent thinking up ideas for content, and what direction I could go in. The phrase under promise and over deliver comes to mind immediately when I think of Magan and what she sent my way. I was taken aback...My problem went from what to write or post about to dang I have content ideas to get me through the next 10 months. Let's not even factor in the strategy of recycling. Unreal, in a SUPER DOPE way!


Transformational Coach and Army Veteran

I was having a hard time figuring out what to write about in a new niche even though I have lots of working experience in healthcare. Magan very quickly created an extensive list of topics that are appealing to my target audience. She also organized the list so that it's easy for me to know what topics I've used and where. I can now just pick a topic and start writing instead of wasting precious time trying to brainstorm new topics.

Rosa c.

Healthcare Clarity Coach

With VIP Email Days you can quickly get ahead on your email marketing game and walk away with things ready to go for your email welcome sequence, launch sequence, or other email marking plans. The goal is for you to get farther in one day working with me, than you have in the last several months doing it on your own.

vip email days

get it all done quicker

email welcome sequence

launch copy sequence

to nurture your audience

for your next big launch

Quiz as a lead magnet? Subscribers coming in from a self liquidating offer? Or building your list with freebies? No matter how your list is growing, you want to show up and serve your audience and need strategy behind it, with a schedule of when to send each email. Nurture your audience and make them fall in love with receiving emails from you.

Need affiliate swipe copy? Want to create pre-launch sequences to warm your audience up for your launch? And want to make more from your launch via your email strategy? We will dig into your launch goals, map out your launch sequence and put a plan in place for a launch schedule of emails that is conversion focused and not the sleazy marketing tactics.

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