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Planning a Black Friday sale, but stuck on the email sequence?

I was too, so let's get real here because we both know how tiring it is creating content and copy and then putting it into action...

What if you had it all written out for you, ready to go? Without hiring a copywriter, and without spending hours putting the content schedule together? 

let's set you up for success this Black friday!

what's included

sales strategy

Covering 7 days, this sales strategy maps out your entire sequence with a sample calendar letting you know exactly what to send on what day.

nine email templates

Fully mapped out day-by-day and even broken down to the hour on the last day of your sale, these email templates will provide you the road-map you need to get your Black Friday copy well on the way to making sales to end your year with a bang!

20+ pages of copy goodness

Not only do I break down what goes into each email, you will have full templates available to use as sample text to begin writing your own emails.

hours of your time back

Save HOURS of your time and get back to doing what you love the most!

plan out your entire black friday strategy today

with my Black Friday email sequence strategy + templates

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Find out exactly where your email strategy is and how to up your game!


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