Your email list is the missing piece between your downloads today and your revenue tomorrow!

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YOU'VE CREATED THE the show but your downloads aren't going up

Your email list can bridge the gap and move you from where you are at right now to...

your email list is the secret that can change that

increased downloads

i need this!

and increased revenue

"Magan has helped us to grow our show from 450,000 downloads / month to 740,000+/month. Her email list building strategies have proven a direct correlation between our email list, show growth, and revenue."

tyrella s., host of killerqueens: a true crime podcast




what is included in the course

a 7-Episode course

+ Why you need an email list for your podcast
+ Discover the power of an email list
+ Uncovering the secret to growing your podcast

Email marketing Providers


Choosing a Lead magnet to grow your show


Getting people to sign up for your lead magnet


+ Learn the basics of choosing email marketing providers
+ Discover which ones work best for Patreon and Memberships
+ How to determine the one that works best for you and your podcast / business

+ Choosing a Lead Magnet / Opt-In that works best for your show
+ How to discover a lead magnet that sets you apart
+ Learn how my clients grew their list, organically, to over 8,500 subscribers
+ Learn how I grew my email list, organically, by 78% in less than one month

+ How to get your lead magnet in front of your audience
+ How to leverage your existing podcast to grow your email list
+ Outside-the-box ways to grow your list without spending more money

bite-sized lessons that you can watch or listen to on-the-go

Content strategy


+ How to strategically put in place content strategy that grows your list
+ How leveraging your social platforms, well, can grow your show and your list
+ Walk away with templates to utilize immediately
+ Get the exact content plan I utilize with my podcast clients

metrics and conversions


+ Learn about my metrics
+ Learn how to measure your own metrics/conversions
+ Plus a handy worksheet to keep up with your own metrics and conversions

Email Sequences for your podcast


+ What email sequences are essential for your podcast
+ How to put together a welcome sequence
+ How to put together a Patreon Onboarding Sequence
+ Understanding email automations
+ Why Offboarding Sequences are helpful as well


metrics and conversions


+ Learn about my metrics
+ Learn how to measure your own metrics/conversions
+ Plus a handy worksheet to keep up with your own metrics and conversions

Email Sequences for your podcast


+ What happens after the welcome sequence ends?
+ How often to email your list?
+ How long should your emails be?
+ Increasing Open Rates
+ How to get your offer in front of your audience and listeners

I see you, because I have clients who were where you are right now.

Have you PUT all your stock in the socials instead of your email list?

i didn't know the full strategy behind their email list.

then when we tackled their email, they 

let's get real for a minute

It doesn't have to stay that way.

They were caught up in downloads, but didn't have the strategy to grow downloads.

they didn't see the abundance that lives inside their email list.

as seen in:

you can have a profitable email marketing and podcast strategy

to stop leaving money on the table

and find the financial freedom that lives within your email list and podcast

But you don't have time to figure it all out on your own when you're building a business

the school of email: Podcaster's edition will show you how to build YOUR existing LIST and podcast with strategy and ease

and increase your revenue quicker than the instagram algorithm can change


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hi friend, I'm magan ward

email marketing strategist for podcasters

An entrepreneur since I charged $0.25 for a single cracker with spreadable cheese from my lunchbox at the Kindergarten lunch table.

I grew my own email list by 78% in less than one month with my signature pop-up podcast system and I specialize in helping podcasters expand their audiences, increase downloads, and grow their email list by leveraging their email and podcast platforms alongside one another with marketing strategies that think outside the box.

I grew one podcaster's downloads from 450,000/month to 700,000+/month and grew their email list from zero to 6,700, organically in less than 10 months. They are now on the push to hit over 1M downloads by the end of October 2022