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hi friend, I'm magan ward

email marketing expert and strategist

An entrepreneur since I charged $0.25 for a single cracker with spreadable cheese from my lunchbox at the Kindergarten lunch table.

I'm an educator (with a strong southern accent) who knows 150% what the struggle is when creating an email list, and the opt-in, and the welcome sequence, and the millions of other details that we handle while doing all the things as we run this digital biz.

Unlike other educators out there, I hold my Masters in Education so you are getting a real, actual teacher behind these templates, resources, and courses. Not only do I know how to teach, but I have experience with what I am teaching you.

I took my email list that was suffering, and grew it by 77.9% and increased my open rates to a consistent 35 - 55% and I want to help you do the same.

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